Searching for the Beaumont Children – Australia’s Most Famous Unsolved Mystery

Alan J. Whiticker

Accomplished writer Alan J. Whiticker carefully details the events leading up to the Beaumont children’s disappearance and their movements on that fateful day. He describes how, in the days that followed, clairvoyants captured headlines, wild theories were promoted by the media and ordinary lives were changed forever. After forty years, the unsolved mystery remains one of the defining events in our history.

ISBN: 1 74031 106 X

Billy Hughes – Prime Minister and Controversial Founding Father of the Australian Labor Party

Aneurin Hughes

Through family letters, financial records, congratulatory telegrams, birthday and Christmas cards, household bills, and conversations with Hughes’ descendants and others who knew him intimately, what emerges is a picture of a man much more complex and interesting than the cardboard caricature often portrayed.

ISBN: 1 7403 1136 1

Morris West – Literary Maverick

Maryanne Confoy

A must-read for the thousands of Morris West fans, this book will undoubtedly leave its mark on the international literary, cultural and religious landscape for generations to follow.

ISBN: 1 740 31119 1

The Road to Dharamsala – My Unexpected Life

Maureen Fallon

Maureen was creating warehouse living from inner-city factory space 20 years ago, sea-changing 15 years ago, and has spent the past decade travelling with Tibetan Buddhist monks across Australia. It’s not been an easy road but it has clearly been fun and fruitful for the many people around her. This woman inspires us to get up and go, to just do it. Maybe she’s unexpectedly stumbled on the secret of happiness – or maybe she’s too busy to look.

ISBN: 1 74031 110 8

Airmail – Three Women, Letters from Five Continents

Kate Fitzpatrick

Through letters and stories we watch Kate’s life develop and gain insights into why choices were made and turns were taken. In her wry commentary she fills in the gaps, sets the scene, spills secrets, interprets family shorthand and tells wonderful stories. Airmail is a funny, sad, witty roller-coaster ride with one globe-trotting family across five continents.

ISBN: 1 7403 1127 2

Invisible Chains – Shawn Hornbeck and the Kidnapping Case that Shook the Nation

Kristina Sauerwein

Invisible Chains explores the psychological factors involved in the kidnapping that startled a nation – from Michael Devlin’s criminal profile to the reality behind Stockholm Syndrome – and recounts the riveting story of the abduction and miraculous rescue of Ben Ownby, who was held captive by Michael Devlin for four days, and Shawn Hornbeck, who was held captive by Michael Devlin for four years.

ISBN: 978 1 59921 344 6

Switched On – Conversations with influential women in the Australian media

Catherine Hanger

These thought-provoking interviews are full of anecdotes that are entertaining, informative, funny and sometimes sad. The women in Switched On tell it as they see it.

ISBN: 1 74031 129 9

Away Game – Australians in American Boardrooms

Luke Collins

In Away Game, which is based on personal interviews with the author, some of our top professionals working in the United States describe their experiences, offering fascinating insights into why they left their homeland, the pros and cons of living and working in America, and their anguish over whether or when to come home again.

ISBN: 1 74031 130 2

1975 – Australia’s Greatest Year

Mark Juddery

Blending popular history with cultural criticism, nostalgia and entertaining reportage, Mark Juddery breathes life into a year that changed Australia forever.

ISBN: 1 74031 131 0

Literati – Australian Contemporary Literary Figures Discuss Fear, Frustrations and Fame

James Phelan

Intimate, refreshing and sometimes very funny, these conversations offer fascinating insights into some of the country’s foremost authors and into the writing process itself.

ISBN: 1 74 031 132 9

Cuisines of the Axis of Evil and Other Irritating States

Chris Fair

Everything you eat is packed with social, political, religious, and even militarized meanings – fascinating concepts that make for lively dinner party conversation! Cuisines of the Axis of Evil and Other Irritating States dishes out a saucy culinary feast of facts on ten controversial countries, their policies – and, of course, the food that unifies us all. With start-to-finish meals, and entertaining trivia to accompany dessert, it’ll be difficult getting your guests to leave!

ISBN: 978 1 59921 286 9

Marcel Caux – A Life Unravelled

Lynette Ramsay Silver

As much detective story as war story, the painstaking, forensic unmasking of the real Marcel Caux through official records, news items, photographs, and interviews with family and friends take us on an extraordinary journey into one of the most enigmatic and intriguing public figures of recent times.

ISBN: 1 740 31113 2

Stud Muffins – Luscious, Delectable, Yummy (and Good Muffin Recipes, too!)

Judi Guizado, Gilda Jimenez, Shari Hartz & Tammy Aldag

A full-colour cookbook featuring creative muffin recipes with unforgettable serving suggestions, Stud Muffins radiates the kind of heat you actually want in the kitchen…

ISBN: 978 1 59921 354 5

A Figure of Speech – A Political Memoir

Graham Freudenberg

Written with passion, eloquence and wit that are a hallmark of his speeches, and enlivened by many moments of comic observation, this book captures the drama of Australian politics from the inside. The cast of characters is huge. The rich store of anecdotes will be retold wherever politics and history are discussed. It is, simply, indispensable reading for anyone seeking to understand Australia at the beginning of the twenty-first century.

ISBN: 1 74031 105 1

A Year of Little Things – 100 Simple Ways to be Happy

Caroline Somp

Learn to live simply and meaningfully with A Year of Little Things, filled with one hundred light hearted and spontaneous ideas on how to celebrate the quotidian experiences in life and take pleasure in everyday magic.

ISBN: 978 0 312 55762 1

Party Favors – A Novel of Politics and Greed

Nicole Sexton with Susan Johnston

Party Favors gives a deliciously witty peek into the secretive world of political fundraising in D.C. Written by a former Director of Finance for the National Republican Senatorial Committee, the novel explores the very real truth that favor means you owe, winning won’t save you, and, ultimately, you will be betrayed.

ISBN: 978 1 59921 459 7

The Merchants of Fear – Why they want us to be afraid

Christopher Catherwood & Joe DiVanna

This bracing expose by best-selling historian Christopher Catherwood and economist Joseph DiVanna looks at the ways in which fear is put to use by the American government and large corporations to shape public policy and control the media. The authors look at how this fear eventually causes social decay, lost jobs, and further useless fearmongering, and they propose several ways for the average American to break this cause-and-effect cycle, to become a more engaged citizen, and to take real steps toward preventing future calamities.

ISBN: 978 1 59921 281 4

Organisations Behaving Badly – A Greek Tragedy of Corporate Pathology

Leon Gettler, Foreword by Michael Leunig

Modern corporations, like the mythical hero Oedipus Rex, are afflicted by a refusal to acknowledge the truth that is almost psychopathic. This is according to Leon Gettler, who argues in Organisations Behaving Badly that the spirit of this Greek king to turn a blind eye to the bleeding obvious, is indicative of how many national and international corporations run their empires. This fascinating, and at times humorous exploration of big business, parallels Greek mythology. Like a chief executive confronted with news that threatens the established order, not to mention his job, Oedipus flies into a rage and begins to accuse his brother-in-law, Creon, of plotting to overthrow him. You get the picture? With fascinating and insightful explorations into such organisations as HIH, OneTel, Parmalat, James Hardie and even the role of the Church and the education system, Leon Gettler leaves no stone unturned.

ISBN: 978 1 740 31120 5

TV Land – Australia’s Obsession with Reality Television

Kerrie Murphy

You may not realise it, but reality television has been around longer than you think. TV Land looks at this country’s love/hate relationship with reality TV. It explores our viewing habits, our favourite programs, the shows we love to hate, the demise of television drama/game shows/current affairs, as well as asking the questions: When it comes to TV, how do our viewing habits and tastes compare to 20 years ago with reality TV? Nourishing as it has, have our kids been affected in a way that is now irreversible? Does this matter? Is TV good for us? Why are we obsessed with this genre of TV? Written in Kerrie Murphy’s trademark wry and humorous style, TV Land is a brilliant social examination exploring the history of Australian reality TV (Sylvania Waters, The House from Hell) as well as a funny and critical look at those shows today which keep us glued week after week (Survivor, Dancing with the Stars).

ISBN: 174 0311 388


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